philosophy - PETAL organic

PetalOrganic seeks to create gardens that offer a wide array of experiences, working with colors, shapes, sounds, fragrance, and    physical sensation for the people that use them. Gardens that are also flexible so they can adapt to the future changes of their owners and users. We strive to create a scene without imposing a story.

Our gardens widen its users vision and they are a place of imaginative possibility. Our gardens provide a balance and a counterpoint to the vertical lines of the buildings, as well as offer a seamless extension of the interiors of the house to the outside, and through this experience we create a bond between the inside and outside.

We work with living things that evolve everyday depending on the hour of the day, of the wind and weather. It is the greatest material to design with there is: Plants. It requires expertise in planting design, as well as in the dynamic nature of the plants.

PetalOrganic sources all plant material from local nurseries where  all kinds of native Texan plants as well as other plants that are adapted to our climate are grown.  We therefore seek to create plantings that are rich in both forms and textures, living throughout the seasons and evolve in a natural but controlled way.

We follow and ethic regarding sustainability and seek to increase the richness of any landscape in which we work. It means using local materials and local bred plants as much as we can. This ensure minimal ecological footprint as well as the best blending and fitting in the surroundings, that pass the test of time.

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