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How it works


An initial meeting by Cindy McClimans and the client on site enables her to get a sense of the place and the needs, and desires of its users, as well as the envisioned budget for the project. A written brief forms the basis for further discussion.


A full topographical survey is usually commissioned from surveyors for each project unless it is already existing. It forms the basis for all design work. Cindy also undertakes tree and photo surveys, and on larger projects, a detailed site analysis survey.

Sketch proposals

Based on the information gained from meeting with the client and from the survey and site analysis, PetalOrganic develop conceptual proposals for discussion and further development. This usually takes the form of drawings, portfolio, digital drawings depending on each project.  

Detailed proposals

Following discussions and further development of the design, PetalOrganic prepares drawings in sufficient detail to build and plant the landscape. These drawings will form the basis for confirming a budget for the project, and lead to the construction phase after confirmation of the project and budget and phasing.


In the case of a need for external contractors, such as glasshouses builders, special metal works or other construction items ( pools, golf holes..). PetalOrganic provides a set of construction drawings to contractors tendering to do the work, and will also advise on selection of the contractor, with whom we will work to realise the landscape proposals.


There is no single best way to build a garden and no single best method of construction. PetalOrganic collaborates with clients to achieve the highest building standards using the most practical and efficient methods, shall it be with PetalOrganic crews, or contractors teams. In accordance with the client, PetalOrganic organizes and conducts the realization of the project.

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