About PETAL - PETAL organic

PETAL organic

owned and operated
in the Woodlands Texas

Cindy McClimans is a professional Landscape Designer based in The Woodlands. Her primary focus is designing landscapes that compliment their natural surroundings by utilizing native and adapted plant material. Along with a heavy emphasis on beautiful properly places plantings, her hardscapes artistically incorporate stone, brick, gravel pathways, water features and other organic materials. She’s a hands on designer who is on each job site for every phase of construction and installation. She also maintains several of the properties after the installation using only organic soils, fertilizers, pest and weed controls. Fighting a constant battle against the monotonous, boring landscapes that unfortunately dominate the suburbs is her passion. Cindy is a native Houstonian who lives in The Woodlands with her dog Bika and her 2 cats Rocco and Mr. Simon Richards.

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